Building a 2nd-hand Wardrobe is as Environmentally Conscious as Fashion Gets

While I’ve frequented thrift stores since college; it wasn’t until a few years ago that I submerged myself into how vintage and sustainability in fashion, coexist. Every time I come across special pieces, I think to myself, this is already here on our planet; there are no resources needed, no water, electricity, hands. Quite often, I find pieces that look so similar to something shown on the most recent runways, selling for up to four figures! 

Making new apparel uses millions of gallons of water, loads of electricity, and greenhouse gases every year. Think about the global population that doesn’t have clean water. Now do the math. Is it worth the cost of the shirt you’re currently wearing?

We started Momento on passion - to get people to hop on the vintage train. Beautiful items, many, designer, others simply well made - and to provide a solution to get folks to quit fast fashion. We know stores like Zara and Topshop have trendy, inexpensive apparel - but ask yourself before you buy it - is it really well made? Who might be making this clothing? How much can that person be making? Enough to live the way I do? Many have never made a shirt or a pair of pants, but we’ve taken some classes and take our word - it is not easy. 

The time that goes into cutting and sewing and ironing and substantial, and certainly not worth $14.99.  

At Momento, we thoroughly inspect and dry clean everything with partners that champion eco-consciousness, using organic solvents and request our items are not bagged in thin plastic, dry cleaners often use to divide clothing. We ship our pieces in compostable bags with no additional fluff or paper, because it’s simply not needed. 

So will you join us and save much needed resources on our planet and shop second hand? It doesn’t have to be with us, in fact we’ll be sharing thrift store hacks, upcycling tips and ways you can shop in your own closet.

But the movement begins with us. 

Sustainably Yours,