Steve, Bianca's Horse Has Arrived

The Studio 54: Night Magic exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum uncovers the disco stone of history, at a time when we can only dream about a magical landscape of lights and sound to dance the night away to, dressed to the nine and grooving with the likes of regulars - Warhol, Ross, The Jaggers. 


The show offers an escape from reality via a time machine to 1977, New York. Showcasing an in depth glance into the club that would only live 33 months. From the life on the dance floor to the creation of an iconic brand - a platform by Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, the Brooklyn show highlights what it meant in history, for New York City and for American fashion. Studio 54 was a place where designers and their muses felt safe, where the biggest rockstars of the revolution stood with their brothers and sisters, for the movement they believed in, and oh, did they move. From all the Halston to the rise of Calvin Klein (pieces of his 1977 spring collection are on display, all the metallic lamé will leave you dreaming of dancing to Hot Stuff on the dance floor).  At a time when political and systemic divides could be split with a knife, designers and creative enthusiasts were the revolutionaries.  

The admonition of museum guests in masks, practicing social distancing, is a real reminder that we're living history. A time when we cannot dance with our friends in our favorite shoes and swanky dresses, on stages and tables; but we must remind ourselves to keep dancing. Dance through the storm, dance in the shower, dance in the park, dance to the polls - just dance. For moving and breathing and laughing and crying are part of life and can't be paused. 

As they say, history repeats itself...and if we've learned anything, it's that being a bore will never suffice. We're unique, we're artists, and we'll persevere. From Halston's shine in New York with club regulars like Iman, Pat Cleveland, Diane Von Furstenberg and Norma Kamali to Bianca riding a horse in the club on her birthday - the show is full of nostalgic surprise.

If you can't make it to Brooklyn before November 8th, check out the Rolling Stone piece by Angie Martoccio that highlights moments and detailed excerpts on the many nights at Studio 54. 

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