Wearing the Earth in Linen


As you may know, Linen is a natural fiber and 100% biodegradable. It comes from the flax seed plant and goes through a pretty rigorous process. Once pulled from the ground, the plants are left in the field to soften for months before the fibers can be pulled. 

Once pulled, the fibers are combed and spun (either wet or dry) depending on the desired softness and texture. The beauty of it, like cotton and bamboo, is that you're wearing something that is not only durable and can last a lifetime; but is from the earth and will not pollute it, the day it's no longer wearable. 

This is sustainability in fashion at its finest.

This vintage Saks Fitfh Avenue shirt is from the ‘80s, as noted by its label. Its condition is superb, so soft and constructed so well. It’s not too wide but relaxed enough to move in and its light sand color makes it the perfect neutral to wear all season long. Shop a similar look here.

Sustainably Yours,